Bringing clean, purified water to even the most remote areas

The Sunspring™
Solar-Powered, Portable, Self-Contained
Water Purification System

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Worldwide Applications

  • Developing Nations
  • Scalable Large Small Water Projects
  • Gas, Oil, Construction Sites
  • Emergency Response
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Military Organizations
  • NGOs
  • USFS, State Parks Camp Grounds
  • Golf Courses Marinas
  • Green Businesses Residences
  • Remote Areas
  • Lack of Water
Featuring GE Homespring Ultra Filtration
and GE Energy Solar Modules
4 gpm* 3,000/5,000 gpd**
Surface/Ground/Recycled Rain Water
*Environmental conditions including amount of sunlight and quality of raw water will contribute to actual system efficiency which determines number of gallons per day.
**Ground Water Under the Direct influence of Surface Water.

Legal Disclaimer: Sunspring™ is a trademark owned by Innovative Water Technologies. GE Homespring™, GE Packaged Plants™, ZeeWeed™, GEPV™ are trademarks owned by GE and used under license by Innovative Water Technologies.